diaspora* at FOSDEM ’15

25 January 2015


Wingflag by Lukas Matt If you are an open source developer and live in Europe, then FOSDEM in Brussels is pretty much the place for you to be next weekend, the 31st of January to 1st of February.

With an estimated 5,000 open source hackers attending, and the legendary beer event to kick off the conference, we here at diaspora* can't stay away. There will be a bunch of diaspora* contributors and community members staffing a table there, and we would love to talk to anyone interested in diaspora*, the federated web – or just anyone who wants to say hi.

Seek us out by looking for the flag pictured here! We'll have some stickers to give away and would love to talk to users and especially developers.

If you are an enthusiastic diaspora* community member and want to help, check this Loomio thread!