diaspora* development review, December 2014

10 January 2015

Here is a list of the changes made to diaspora*'s codebase during December.

These changes will take effect with the release of diaspora* v0.5.0.0.

As usual, please give a big round of applause for everyone who has helped improve diaspora* this month!

This list has been created by volunteers from the diaspora* community. We'd love help in creating a development review each month; if you would like to help us, get in touch via the related thread on Loomio.

Marco Colli @collimarco

  • improved the code of the likes controller by enhancing the readability and using more specific errors #5491

Faldrian @Faldrian

  • fixed some unwanted behavior of aspect membership dropdowns in combination with hovercards #5487
  • fixed the broken markup for aspect membership dropdowns on the people search page #5488

James Kiesel @gdpelican

  • rewrote the profile exporter so that profile exports will be available in the JSON format. #5354

Jonne Haß @jhass

  • fixed an annoying bug for podmins: the sidekiq log (where you may find federation errors) was no longer written to a logfile but came out of the console instead #5419
  • replaced Spork with Spring which is the recommended application preloader for rails. That change sped up our test suite and makes continuous testing of our code much easier for our devs. #5443
  • improved some randomly failing cucumber tests in our test suite #5458
  • improved the Open Graph tags: when someone adds a link to a diaspora* page on another website, the website can use those tags to display a preview of the linked content. #5461
  • fixed a bug where an empty Open Graph description led to a broken front end (only for pods running the development version of our software) commit
  • wrote his own Open Graph Reader which reads Open Graph tags of other websites and helps diaspora* to show a preview for those websites when someone puts a link into its post. Before this we used OpengraphParser, which is no longer maintained. #5462
  • added a cleanup routine for invalid cached Open Graph Data commit
  • removed some cleanup routines from our test suite which were no longer needed #5463
  • fixed some bugs that were introduced while improving federation (bugfix for #5209) commit commit
  • fixed a bug introduced by #5461 which gave users a 500 error page when opening a reshare in the single post view whose original post has been removed. #5497

Marcelo Briones @margori

  • fixed a bug which allowed users to send private messages to others who weren't sharing with them #5449
  • changed conversations behaviour so that a conversation will be deleted from the database when the last participant leaves it #5478
  • improved the 'hide a conversation' tooltip on the conversations page #5477
  • removed content from notification emails related to limited posts #5494

SansPseudoFix @SansPseudoFix

  • fixed and improved the code markup in posts and profile information. The code markup should no longer exceed the boundaries of a column. #5422

Steffen van Bergerem @svbergerem

  • improved some randomly failing tests in our test suite #5444 #5446 #5447
  • sped up the test suite using Capybara::SlowFinderErrors. The cucumber tests are now about 50% faster. #5451 #5455
  • fixed a bug which had led to content exceeding the profile information sidebar #5450
  • changed the contacts page to display the chat icon (which you can use to enable/disable chat for a particular aspect) only if the podmin has enabled chat for users of that pod #5459
  • made poll answers appear in the same order when displaying a post as the author chose when creating the poll #5471
  • improved the wording of tagged people on the tag pages #5475
  • removed some unused code for the stream #5481