diaspora*'s 10 years in community hands

29 August 2022

This weekend marked the 10th anniversary since the diaspora* project was handed over by its founders to the community. Ten years – time really does fly!

During that time we’ve made many fundamental improvements to the software that this network runs on, from standardizing the process of making improvements to the code to completely rewriting the federation protocol on which communication between pods is based. We’ve also stabilized performance in many ways, and we've added many improvements to the user interface and new features.

Over the past couple of years things have been a bit quieter as our team of volunteer developers has been hard at work on some really huge and complex tasks. The most fundamental of these have been creating a feature to allow members to move their account from one pod to another, and creating an API to allow apps to interact with diaspora* more easily and in more interesting ways.

With these major improvements included, our next release will be a quantum leap forward for the project, and so we’re going to release it as diaspora* 1.0!

We hoped we might be able to release version 1.0 on the date of our 10th anniversary, but limits on our resources have meant that these big new features are not yet ready. If you think that you could help with some coding or reviewing tasks to get us over the line, please let us know! We'd love some help from our wider community, and we can’t wait to be able to offer these new features to you all.

Thanks to you all for being part of diaspora*'s amazing community!