Our IRC channels have moved to Libera.Chat!

02 June 2021

Of our various communication channels, IRC is the one with real-time communication. An "IRC channel" is a simple text-based chatroom - perfect for a quick chat that doesn't need to be stored for others.

IRC is not a new communication tool for diaspora*, we just moved from the freenode network to Libera.Chat. If you have already used our IRC channels in the past, please update your settings to our new location!

If you want to join the chat without downloading anything extra, just click the link below, enter your nickname, and start the chat!


If you use an IRC client, the new details are:
Server: irc.libera.chat
Port: 6697 (TLS)
Channel: #diaspora

We'd love to see some of you there!

Our primary place for all project discussions is still our Discourse, which is a great location to store all relevant discussions and give people the option to engage regardless of their time zones.

You can find an overview of all our communication channels here.