diaspora* development monthly review, March 2015

09 April 2015

These are the changes made to diaspora*'s codebase during March, with 75 pull requests / commits from 14 different contributors. They will take effect with the release of diaspora* v0.5.0.0, which is coming really soon. We created a release candidate for this new version at the end of March; read this message to find out more about this.

Say a big thank you to everyone who has helped improve diaspora* this month!

This list has been created by volunteers from the diaspora* community. We'd love help in creating a development review each month; if you would like to help us, get in touch via the related thread on Loomio.

Augier @AugierLe42e

  • Darkened the border of the active comment input field #5724
  • Ported the notification dropdown, notification badge and global search to backbone.js #5707 #5761 #5788
  • Added a button to the single-post view to activate/deactivate notifications for the post #5722

Flaburgan @Flaburgan

  • Removed markdown code from the heading of a post #5730
  • Removed a superfluous border on the conversations page #5744
  • Replaced the 'Make Something' text on the registration page by the diaspora seed ball #5743

Aurélie Giniouxe @giniouxe

  • Moved the registration form to its own file #5764

goob @goobertron

  • Added tests for liking/unliking posts #5741

Jonne Haß @jhass

  • Explicitly set the log level for pods running in the production environment commit
  • Dropped a hack for embedding youtube videos which is now working without this hack commit
  • Tried to make our tests faster by using DatabaseRewinder instead of DatabaseCleaner to clean the database between test runs #5719
  • Removed a few unused files commit
  • Made the photo and profile export features use the same queue on the server to generate files commit
  • Fixed a possible bug in the photo export feature: now we check if the original file for a photo really exists before adding it to the export commit
  • Reduced the gap between publisher and stream #5740
  • Updated jsxc, the JavaScript XMPP client commit
  • Updated OpenGraphReader #5759
  • Added Ruby 2.0 support to a database migration commit
  • Modified a database migration to shorten indexes for tweet IDs commit
  • Added a Ruby styleguide and enabled Ruby linting commit commit
  • Updated Rails #5802
  • Updated the translations commit commit commit
  • Made the website use the reshare received by the server instead of the one cached on the client side when adding a newly reshared post to the stream commit
  • Updated a lot of Ruby gems #5812
  • Refactored the error pages (400, 422, 500), which used to embed images from non-existing URLs. Now the error pages are precompiled after each update. #5817
  • Replaced the default home page with a regular view. Before, the page had been static and contained embedded images from non-existing URLs. #5822

Lisa P @lislis

  • Improved the hover effect to show additional participants of a conversation #5776

Marcelo Briones @margori

  • Fixed the photo export feature #5685
  • Added rounded corners to avatars #5733

Martha Thompson @MothOnMars

  • Added specific error messages when an attempt to change password fails #5580
  • Added tests for roles (admin, etc.) that a user may have #5792

Pablo Cúbico @pablocubico

  • Ported the remaining stream pages to Bootstrap #5715

Sam Radhakrishnan @sam09

  • Unified margins for lists in posts #5721

SansPseudoFix @SansPseudoFix

  • Fixed the color of focused links in the header #5728
  • Fixed content overflowing containers in the desktop version #5731 #5752 #5767
  • Fixed the pagination design on the conversations page #5791

Selman Ercan @S-Ercan

  • Stopped hovercards from flickering#5714

Steffen van Bergerem @svbergerem

  • Removed some unused CSS files #5734
  • Updated the markdown-it markdown renderer #5736 #5814
  • Improved the style of the stream #5735
  • Added a missing http:// to links in posts and comments #5746
  • Changed the icons in the stream selection nav to entypo icons #5747
  • Fixed the char counter in the publisher #5749
  • Fixed the photo count on user profiles #5751
  • Fixed the mobile sign-up after an invitation #5754
  • Updated and removed vendor JavaScript files #5755 #5758
  • Refactored some templates to use helper functions #5763
  • Changed the post control icons to use entypo #5762
  • Fixed the notifications page on mobile devices #5766
  • Removed some unused CSS code and reduced the size of blockquotes #5769
  • Added rounded corners and improved the readability of the participants count on the conversation page #5777
  • Improved the style of the 'getting started' elements #5781
  • Added polls to reshares #5782
  • Refactored and improved the style of the sidebar #5786
  • Removed unnecessary steps from the test suite #5789
  • Uncommented some jasmine tests that were still succeeding #5793
  • Added guard-jshintrb to check the JavaScript code style on the fly #5794
  • Removed an unused layout #5798
  • Unified the style of the invite code #5799
  • Refactored the CSS code for post contents and unified the margins of lists in comments #5809
  • Removed the footer from stream pages #5816 #5821
  • Fixed different front-end regressions #5818
  • Added a message to the contacts page when there are no contacts in an aspect yet #5819

visualsayed @visualsayed

  • Added an error message when sharing a post which contains tag whose names are too long #5783
  • Fixed the missing reshare count on the mobile stream #5790 #5805