diaspora* development monthly review, February 2015

06 March 2015

These are the changes made to diaspora*'s codebase during February. They will take effect with the release of diaspora* v0.5.0.0.

Say a big thank you to everyone who has helped improve diaspora* this month!

This list has been created by volunteers from the diaspora* community. We'd love help in creating a development review each month; if you would like to help us, get in touch via the related thread on Loomio.

Akash Agrawall @aka001

  • Added a dynamic change of the user's minimum age from the pod's config for the settings page #5639
  • Added the ability for podmins to lock / unlock accounts #5643
  • Improved the help section #5706

arlo gn @arlogn

  • Improved the styling of the photo stream on the profile page #5521

Augier @AugierLe42e

  • Removed the header from the sign-in page for the mobile view #5623
  • Added the ability to link to a specific help page #5667
  • Added a help section for chat #5665

Dennis Schubert @denschub

  • Removed the file extensions for SCSS imports commit

Dumitru Ursu @dimaursu

  • Added checks for the database collation and added a line to the example config for podmins #5624

Faldrian @Faldrian

  • Fixed the position of moderation buttons (remove/block/report) on reshares #5601
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for reshare (r), expand post (m), follow first link in a post (o) #5602
  • Improved the avatar error handling which displays a default avatar if the original one isn't found on the server #5638
  • Add the ability to add contacts in mobile version #5594

Flaburgan @Flaburgan

  • Removed the sign-up button from the header when registrations are disabled #5612
  • Unified the design of sign-up, sign-in and forgot password pages #5391
  • Unified the post control icon tooltip by using the tooltip plugin for the post report icon #5713

James Kiesel @gdpelican

  • Added the creation dates of posts to the JSON export #5597

Aurélie Giniouxe @giniouxe

  • Fixed the text of the change button on the privacy settings page #5671

goob @goobertron

  • Standardized capitalization throughout the UI #5588

Jonne Haß @jhass

  • Updated the locale files commit
  • Updated Spring commit
  • Added a missing translation commit
  • Added editorconfig to the codebase so all developers are able to agree on the same config for their editors (trailing whitespaces, etc.) #5666
  • Added a feature which removes Unicode format characters from posts, fixing unwanted behavior of the markdown renderer #5680
  • Updated Rails to version 4.2 #5501
  • Updated a lot of rubygems #5709
  • Removed the .css extension from SCSS files #5710

Marc Burt @MarcBurt

  • Added a spec to make sure that closed accounts don't change the total user figure in pod statistics #5351

Sam Radhakrishnan @sam09

  • Added length validation to profile location, fixing an error thrown by the server when a user tried to enter a location longer than 255 chars #5614
  • Made the website show the correct error message when the profile data validation fails #5619

SansPseudoFix @SansPseudoFix

  • Fixed overflow of formatted code in comments for the mobile website #5675

Steffen van Bergerem @svbergerem

  • Fixed the aspect dropdown on the people search page, which wasn't working when users were added after fetching them from another server #5632
  • Removed 'photo export' link from the settings page, which wasn't working #5634
  • Removed some unused files and fixed the syntax in some jasmine tests #5635
  • Added the JSHint javascript linter which looks for errors in our javascript codebase #5637
  • Fixed the timeagos for the notifications page and the notification dropdown. Added a 'no notifications yet' message when the user has no notifications #5417
  • Fixed a typo in a helper function #5647
  • Updated the jasmine testing framework #5649
  • Added hovercards for mentions #5652
  • Fixed the badge count and automatic scrolling for unread conversations #5646
  • Updated the sanitizer for markdown-it, which removes unknown html tags from posts before displaying them #5661
  • Fixed a pending spec for the tag stream #5663
  • Removed the unused function last_post from PeopleController #5664
  • Improved the integration test for hovercards #5650
  • Added a invitation link to the contacts page #5655
  • Added the ajax spinner and improved the comment box for Bootstrap streams #5672
  • Add the year as a separator to notifications page and fixed a bug with notifications which were displayed in the wrong order #5676 and #5677
  • Updated jasmine-ajax #5679
  • Added transistions for opacity changes of post control icons #5682
  • Fixed notifications for new conversation which where broken on the develop branch 5686
  • Fixed a bug on the notifications page: the conversation button was only displayed when you had less than 20 contacts. Now it depends on the number of contacts in the specific aspect #5691
  • Fixed the style of the 'show more posts' button for the mobile website #5683
  • Updated markdown-it-diaspora-mention and markdown-it-sanitizer which fixed a bug: mentions no longer add a trailing whitespace #5711

Piotr Klosinski @WebDevFromScratch

  • Update the stream when resharing a post #5699

Zach Rabinovich @zachrab

  • Disabled sending emails for deleted accounts. Previously, the server tried to send an email to an arbitrary address 5640

Lukas @Zauberstuhl @Zauberstuhl

  • Added the ability to link to remote user profiles #5659
  • Updated JSXC, the javascript xmpp client #5648