diaspora* development review, January 2015

07 February 2015

These are the changes made to diaspora*'s codebase during January. They will take effect with the release of diaspora* v0.5.0.0.

Say a big thank you to everyone who has helped improve diaspora* this month!

This list has been created by volunteers from the diaspora* community. We'd love help in creating a development review each month; if you would like to help us, get in touch via the related thread on Loomio.

Augier @AugierLe42e

  • fixed the style of the header for the new statistics page: #5587
  • fixed the information about available services and open registrations, which wasn't correctly displayed on the new statistics page: #5595 and #5599

Marco Colli @collimarco

  • fixed a bug that linked a profile image from facebook instead of downloading it to the pod for the diaspora* profile: #5493
  • fixed the translation of timestamps on the mobile website: #5489

Dumitru Ursu @dimaursu

  • added a autoprefixer for CSS vendor prefixes: #5532, #5535 and #5536
  • converted MySQL fields to 4-byte unicode which improves the range of supported chars in posts on pods using MySQL: #5530

Faldrian @Faldrian

  • added an environment variable to specify the Firefox version for our test suite: #5584. The test suite sometimes has problems with recent Firefox versions, which can lead to failing tests when running the test suite on your own computer.
  • added buttons to the single-post view to hide/remove a post and to ignore a user: #5547

Fla @Flaburgan

  • added a currency setting to Paypal donations and allowed unhosted donation buttons for podmins: #5452
  • added followed tags to the mobile menu: #5468
  • removed the truncation for notification emails: #4830
  • fixed the active users count on the new statistics page: #5590

François Lamontagne @flamontagne

  • added a missing link in the FAQ: #5509

James Kiesel @gdpelican

  • improved the profile export feature. The export is now generated in the background and the user receives a notification mail as soon as the export is done: #5499 and #5578

Jason Robinson @jaywink

  • refactored javascript code for the mobile website to get rid of console errors: #5470
  • added some missing configuration for the profile export background job: #5570

maliktunga @maliktunga

  • improved the README: #5550

Marcelo Briones @margori

  • added the ability to strip privacy-sensitive EXIF data when uploading images: #5510

Sakshi Jain @sjain1107

  • removed the community spotlight setting from the settings page if it has not been enabled on the pod: #5562

SansPseudoFix @SansPseudoFix

  • fixed the style of the profile exporter on the settings page: #5582
  • added a statistics page. We already had statistics before but now they are more readable for non-technical users: #5464

Steffen van Bergerem @svbergerem

  • removed unused code from the ProfileHeaderView: #5472
  • ported the contacts page to Backbone.js: #5473. This implements client-side rendering of the contact list, which should speed up page load times.
  • replaced the markdown renderer pagedown by markdown-it: #5526, #5541, #5543, #5545 and #5574
  • added plugins for the markdown-it markdown renderer: #5551